[AUDIO] Guided Self-Hypnosis Induction: Part 2 – How To Find Inner Peace

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Check out this new self-hypnosis induction:

[AUDIO] Guided Self-Hypnosis Induction With Master Hypnotist Karsten Küstner: Part 2 – How To Find Inner Peace & Drop Into Your “Centre Of Calm”

In this soothing guided self-hypnosis induction, Master Hypnotist Karsten Küstner will help you find your inner peace and “centre of calm.”

You’ll explore the boundaries that exist between the outside and inside world so you can reconnect to your unconscious mind, feel more balanced, relaxed and energized.

Go ahead and listen to this guided self-hypnosis induction here.

And to get the full benefits, listen to this recording regularly — whenever you have a few quiet minutes to yourself.

Source: hypnosistrainingacademy.com

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